Vista Inspire Community Inclusion Program

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Vista Inspire Community Inclusion Program
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 1908 as The Jewish Orphan’s Home of Southern California, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services provides comprehensive, family-centered social, educational and behavioral health services that encourage children, adolescents and their families to lead self-reliant, stable and productive lives.  Over the years, Vista Del Mar has diversified its programming into areas of foster care, adoption and the treatment of children with mental health problems, emotional problems, behavior problems, social problems, or developmental difficulties.


To equip 5 Los Angeles-based synagogues with the tools to include youth with special needs and their families in their communities through bar/bat mitzvah learning, educator training and religious school integration.  The program will serve hundreds of youth with special needs, teachers and clergy and thousands of synagogue congregants and families.

Thanks to the generous grant from The Jewish Community Foundation, we will be able to help change the way disability is perceived and foster inclusion in synagogue life. We are ALL created in G-d’s image.

Elaine Hall, Director
Vista Inspire Program, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services