Telehealth/Information Technology Infrastructure & COVID Care Outreach Initiative

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Telehealth/Information Technology Infrastructure & COVID Care Outreach Initiative
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COVID-19 Response
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Founded in 1970, Venice Family Clinic provides affordable health care for those who live in poverty through a network of 12 clinical locations providing comprehensive health care services. Its services provided include: medical, mental health, wellness, health promotion and education, case management, chronic disease management, prenatal care, dental, vision care, and early childhood development programs.


Telehealth/Information Technology Infrastructure: To keep older adults engaged and prevent social isolation, the grant will strengthen information-technology infrastructure to provide high-quality virtual services. VFC will purchase an integrated telehealth video tool enabling patients to complete pre-visit paperwork, have fully encrypted visits, and receive post-visit details via video.

Support from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles will help Venice Family Clinic keep our older adults engaged, prevent social isolation, and ensure we can continue to deliver primary care to our patients over 65 years old.

Naveena Ponnusamy
Chief Development & Communications Officer