Employer Based Training Program

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Employer Based Training Program
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Founded in 2005, Temech has dedicated itself to offering the financial, socio-economic, and professional tools needed to broaden professional opportunities available to women in Israel’s religious community, build women’s leadership, and create a more economically stable community, thus reducing poverty. Temech works closely with employers, policy makers, and key institutions to foster the expertise required for women to succeed in today’s workplace. Programs include: subsidized professional training, computer skills courses, job club and workplace readiness courses, mentor programs, job fairs, employer outreach events and a professional working hub.


The Employer Based Training program will provide job training and placement services to 750 unemployed and underemployed ultra-Orthodox women from across Israel over three years.

We are thrilled that the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles awarded us a generous grant for our Employer Based Training (EBT) Program, which will be used to provide job training and placement services for 200 unemployed and underemployed ultra-Orthodox women across Israel.

Shaindy Babad
Executive Director, Temech