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Founded in 2005, Special Needs Network (SNN) is dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved families of color struggling with raising a child with developmental disabilities. SNN provides a comprehensive array of services including outreach; referrals and links to special needs services; parent training; resource fairs; awareness and education; advocacy; and direct services including diagnosis, intervention, and behavioral therapy. SNN serves thousands of families each year in South Los Angeles.


To support expanded outreach, engagement, early intervention and parent/caretaker training as it launches its new Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities on the MLK Community Hospital Campus, improving access for essential educational and supportive services for thousands of children with disabilities in communities of color.

We are honored to partner with the Jewish Community Foundation. Its grant will allow us to expand the services that we provide to thousands of children and young adults living with autism and related disorders in the most vulnerable communities in Los Angeles County. Our state-of-the-art autism clinic in the heart of South Los Angeles will be a game-changer for the local community, the state of California, and tens of thousands of families. We are grateful to the Jewish Community Foundation for playing a critical part in our vision for building a healthier Los Angeles.

Areva Martin