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Spark Program
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2017, Sacred Spaces, builds healthy and accountable Jewish communities by partnering with Jewish institutions to prevent and respond to sexual abuse and other abuses of power. It is the only national organization dedicated to ending institutional abuse through a systemic approach across all denominations and life stages. Through program cohorts and case consultations, Sacred Spaces equips institutions to develop robust policies and training to prevent abuse and responsibly handle instances of discrimination, harassment, or abuse if they occur.


To launch the Spark Program, which provides widespread community education and awareness programming focused on abuse prevention throughout the LA Jewish community, and to partner with LA Jewish institutions to provide institution-specific resources and coaching to address concerns and implement measures to prevent abuse. The program aims to create safer, healthier, and well-prepared Jewish institutions with fewer incidents of abuse.

Thanks to generous funding from The Foundation, Sacred Spaces will pilot Sacred Spark in the broader Los Angeles community to create safer, more respectful, and more equitable Jewish institutions. This new model for community engagement, builds upon our already successful consultation and program cohort models. Sacred Spaces will offer community-wide education, institution-specific resources, coaching, and other tailored support for LA's Jewish organizations.

Shira Berkovits
President and CEO, Sacred Spaces