Staff Mental Health and Wellness

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Staff Mental Health and Wellness
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Reimagine Grants
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Established in 1906, Sinai Temple is a Conservative synagogue located in Westwood. Its mission is to provide a welcoming and caring community for its members, devoted to Jewish learning and support for Israel and the Jewish people. It operates a religious school, day school, and mortuary.


To support professional development, leadership development, and staff wellness strategies responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on synagogue clergy, staff, and lay leadership.

The staff at Sinai Temple are a passionate, committed group of individuals who work tirelessly to provide a rich, spiritual, and social experience for the congregational membership. Following the last year and half of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become achingly apparent that we are all human beings in need of attention and care. As a communal organization, we, at Sinai Temple, are grateful to The Foundation for recognizing our commitment to care for our staff with significant resources to provide a variety of services that specifically attend to our staff as fellow human beings and important members of our extended family. Our dedicated staff devote enormous personal resources of time and energy to the Sinai Temple membership. We can now mindfully respond to their personal mental health needs as well.

Carolyn Hoffman, LCSW
Director of the Sinai Temple Mental Health Center