Reut Sderot Association

Reut Sderot Association
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Touching the Jewish Spirit
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Jewish Identity
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Touching the Jewish Spirit strengthens the Jewish identity of 580 secular Israeli students in Southern Israel, through workshops and activities that further students’ understanding of Jewish, texts, traditions and customs; and to promote tolerance and understanding towards Israel’s various religious and racial sectors through a diversity curriculum.


Founded in 1993, Reut Sderot sponsors and administers programs in Sderot that promote improvement and progress in its educational systems and social welfare services. Its programs serve over 5,000 children and adults, particularly the residents of Sderot’s economically needy and socially distressed neighborhoods. Reut Sderot provides hundreds of at-risk teens with quality leadership programs, encourages and supports youth to complete their secondary educations, and trains the young population to give back to the community through local volunteerism.

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"We are grateful for this support which will help strengthen Jewish identity of 580 secular Israeli students living in Southern Israel, connecting them to Jewish tradition, customs and culture.”  Yaniv Tzabari, Director, Reut-Sderot Association