The Sanctuary@Pico Union

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The Sanctuary@Pico Union
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2013, the Pico Union Project is a multi-faith and culture center established to put to action the Jewish principle to ‘love your neighbor as you want to be loved.’ Built in the facility of one of Los Angeles’s most historic synagogues, it is a space for song and story, theater and dance, ritual and prayer, and community activism. 


The Sanctuary @Pico Union is building a vibrant alternative Jewish community in downtown Los Angeles offering experiences related to spiritual discovery, artistic expression and community activism for thousands of Jews across Los Angeles. 

The Pico Union Project was founded in 2013 as a way to hold space for spiritual exploration and artistic expression for our uniquely diverse Los Angeles community. The grant from the Jewish Community Foundation provides a critical financial boost and opens up new channels of communication and collaboration as we get to know our fellow grantees and Foundation leadership.

Dr. Zach Lasker
Executive Director, Pico Union Project