OpenDor Media

Field of Interest: 
Israel Advocacy
Program Name: 
Step Up For Israel
Grant Type: 
Cutting Edge
Organization Description: 

Founded in 2009, OpenDor Media (formerly Jerusalem U) works to emotionally and intellectually connect young Jews  to Israel, Judaism, and the Jewish people through its award-winning documentary films and shorts, digital distribution strategies, film-based experiential events, and professional development.

Grant Purpose: 

Step Up For Israel  is a multifaceted film-based Israel education program that works to engage thousands of high school and college students, teachers, and the entire community in developing a strong relationship with Israel and the Jewish community.

Thanks to The Foundation's generous support, OpenDor Media will partner with LA schools and organizations to inspire and educate more young Jews through our powerful films and educational materials.

Rabbi Raphael Shore
Founder & CEO, OpenDor Media