Mar Vista Family Center

Field of Interest: 
Early Childhood
Program Name: 
Baby & Me
Grant Type: 
General Community
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1977, Mar Vista Family Center (MVFC) provides low-income families with quality early childhood education, youth enrichment, and educational tools to create positive change in their lives and their community.  It serves more than 1,100 children, youth and adults through three main program areas: Early Childhood Education, Youth, and Community.  MVFC aims to improve family functioning, decrease domestic violence, improve student academic success and increase the number of students in the community who graduate from high school and attend college.


Grant Purpose: 

The Baby and Me program supports low-income children ages zero to three and their parents/caregivers in attending weekly classes focused on understanding the social, emotional, motor and cognitive growth of young children and the important role that positive, secure relationships play in a child’s healthy development.