Machshava Tova

Field of Interest: 
Economic Development
Program Name: 
Eco-Tech Program for At-Risk Youth
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 2003, Machshava Tova (MT) aims to close the “digital divide” by providing enhanced technological access and training to underserved populations. MT operates four primary programs: 1) Eco-Tech, a technological and employment training program for at-risk youth; 2) High-Tech Kid, a technological and academic training program for children in elementary school; 3) Job Readiness, an employment training program for underprivileged women; and 4) Special Needs, a technological training program for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. These programs are implemented at MT’s 10 technological centers across Israel and through its Mobile Technology Units, which bring classes to remote areas of Israel.

Grant Purpose: 

The Eco-Tech Program for At-Risk Youth provides at-risk youth with training in website design, technology entrepreneurship, computer software, and hands-on internship opportunities.