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LA Regional Programming Hub
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2016, BaMidbar, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, cultivates mental health and wellness in the Jewish community through a unique approach that integrates Jewish and experiential education. Its core programs include a first-of-its kind Jewish wilderness-based therapy program for youth who face mental health challenges; wellness fellowships and internships focused on prevention and resilience among youth; and education on mental health for Jewish communal professionals and parents of teens. Bamidbar offers hundreds of education programs, reaching thousands of participants each year.


To scale up the LA Regional Programming Hub that will 1) engage teens in a nine-month wellness fellowship focused on improving mental health among peers, and 2) equip local Jewish professionals and parents of teens with skills to recognize and address the mental health needs of teens. This program aims to facilitate positive change, at the individual and systemic-level, around mental health in the LA Jewish community.

Thanks to The Foundation’s generous support, BaMidbar is expanding mental health education programs for teens, parents, and Jewish communal professionals in the Los Angeles community. We know that young people are struggling with mental health. We also know that they exhibit incredible resilience and potential. Leveraging experiential education, Jewish tradition, and clinical frameworks, BaMidbar helps young people expand their mental health literacy, boost resilience, and build skills, while strengthening their ecosystem of support.

Jory Hanselman Mayschak
CEO, BaMidbar