Community Experiences for Jewish Young Adults

Field of Interest:
Jewish Community, Young Adult Engagement
Program Name:
Community Experiences for Jewish Young Adults
Grant Type:
Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2002, JConnect works to provide opportunities for meaningful, inspiring, and inclusive Jewish community experiences. Recent projects include Shabbat Tent festival, hospitality tents around the country, and Camp Neshama, a summer camp for young adults. 


Create an annual cycle of four festivals in music, culture and service (Camp Jewlicious; TikkunFest; Jewlicious Music; Arts, and Cultural Festival; and LA Sephardic Jewish Music Festival) that will enable thousands of young adults to connect to their Jewish identity through Jewish immersion experiences that showcase young Jewish filmmakers, musicians and artists.

These festivals will attract young Jews across the spectrum of ethnicities, levels of observance, backgrounds and political persuasions. The Foundation grant is instrumental in establishing this type of immersion experience, which is critical to the development of a promising Jewish future in Los Angeles.

Rabbi Yonah Bookstein
Executive Director, JConnect