Hut HaMeshulash

Field of Interest:
Jewish Engagement
Program Name:
Inspired Living: Renewing Jewish Identity
Grant Type:
Grant Website
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Founded in 1999, Hut HaMeshulash was established to provide programming, shelter and support to at-risk youth and young adults (ages 14-25) in Jerusalem so that they may reintegrate into society as confident and capable individuals. It runs 3 major programs: a Drop-in Center serving hundreds of alienated at-risk youth 7 days a week; a Residential Home for Young Women, including expectant mothers; and a Residential Home for Young Men for at-risk and homeless men. Specialized services include occupational rehabilitation, therapy, enrichment courses, and basic needs support. Over the past 16 years, 10,000+ youth and young adults have benefitted from Hut HaMeshulash’s programs, and thousands have gone on to lead independent, stable lives. 


Inspired Living: Renewing Jewish Identity will provide hundreds of at-risk youth and young adults with a strengthened Jewish identity through engagement with: Jewish text learning, art, music, creative writing, Shabbat ahd holiday-based activities.

The Foundation’s generous grant will support a range of enrichment and educational activities for at-risk youth in Jerusalem. We offer creative writing, art and music classes, exploration of Jewish texts, holiday celebrations, and so much more.

Igal Goldstein
Executive Director