Hillel - The Right To Choose

Field of Interest: 
Economic Development
Program Name: 
Workforce Integration and Facilitation
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1991, Hillel – The Right to Choose helps thousands of Yotzim – those who leave ultra-Orthodox communities to integrate into wider Israeli society. Its services, which serve approximately 600 individuals per year include: a hotline and drop-in centers; transitional housing; counseling and support services; academic support including tuition aid and career consultation; employment programs; assistance to Yotzim in the military; programming for single-mothers; aid in accessing social services; and community building and peer networking activities. 

Grant Purpose: 

The Workforce Integration and Facilitation program trains and facilitates full integration of approximately 1,000 Yotzim, ages 18-35, into the Israeli workforce and modern Israeli society.