Field of Interest: 
Economic Development
Program Name: 
Career Acceleration Program
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 2006 by the Rashi Foundation, Gvahim provides job training, job placement, business Hebrew courses and mentorship to more than 200 highly-qualified olim (new immigrants) from all over the world each year.  Its programs include the Career Development Program, an accelerated program for experienced entrepreneurs; and a pre-citizenship internship program for young leaders.

Grant Purpose: 

The Career Development Program  provides job training, language classes, mentorship, networking tools and job placement to 75 highly-qualified olim.

Thanks to The Foundation's support, we will be able to provide 75 highly skilled immigrants with the support they need so that they share in bringing the ‘Start-Up Nation’ into the future.

Dr. Mickael Bensadoun
Executive Director, Gvahim