FLx: Latin-Jewish Digital Content

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FLx: Latin-Jewish Digital Content
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Reimagine Grants
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Established in 2012, Fuente Latina’s (FL) mission is to increase Latinx (individuals from Latin America) support for Israel by ensuring that global Spanish language media have the facts they need to accurately cover Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world, regardless of geographic location. By educating and empowering Latinx journalists to cover issues accurately, Fuente Latina breaks down stereotypes and increases positive perceptions for 600 million Spanish speakers globally.


To launch the first and only bilingual Latin-Jewish news brand. The aim is to counter fake news stories fueling antisemitism while accurately informing non-Jewish Latinx under the age of 40 about Jews and Israel in a culturally and visually appealing way.

Thanks to the incredible vision and support of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, Fuente Latina (FL) can now engage millions of non-Jewish millennial and Gen Z Latinx online where they thrive through its new bilingual digital media brand, FLx. The pandemic escalated the shift to digital media and social platforms, which are now battlegrounds for antisemitism. Through new partnerships and professional media development, FLx will build a digital bridge between LA's Jewish and Latinx communities, to counter online antisemitism, while empowering the next generation of JOC and Zionist influencers.

Bertha Merikanskas
Executive Director