Ein Prat

Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
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Founded in 2002, Ein Prat works to impart knowledge about Judaism and Jewish texts, cultivate an appreciation for Jewish learning, and nurture pluralistic Jewish identities among Israel’s young adults. It offers study programs where participants live on-site for a minimum of 5 weeks and as long as 4 months and spend each day learning Jewish texts in a pluralistic Beit Midrash (adult education facility).  Ein Prat serves approximately 300 students from secular and traditional backgrounds each year.

Grant Purpose: 

Elul  provides pluralistic Jewish educational enrichment to 880 Israeli young adults from across the religious spectrum through a 5-week summer intensive program aimed at enriching participants’ Jewish identity and deepening their connection to the Jewish people.

The grant will leverage the momentum and impact of Ein Prat’s growth over the past several years and strengthen the promise of Israel’s next generation.

Micah Goodman
Director, Ein Prat