Covenant House California

Field of Interest: 
Human Trafficking
Program Name: 
Human Trafficking Program
Grant Type: 
General Community
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1988, Covenant House California (CHC) provides wraparound services to homeless, transition age youth between 18 - 24 years old. In Los Angeles, onsite programs include a custom-built, dormitory-style 90-day shelter and transitional living program, a medical and mental health clinic, and a community center that houses both day and street outreach programs, and education and employment skills program. CHC’s two offsite supportive apartment programs assist youth who need additional support as they transition to independent living. Through its trauma-informed approach, CHC provides these services to more than 1,800 transition age youth annually.

Grant Purpose: 

The Human Trafficking Program reaches out to transition age youth on the street and provides survivors of sex trafficking with shelter and wraparound services to help them find housing, and establish a better life.