Community Mobilization & Empowerment Against Proselytizing

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Community Mobilization & Empowerment Against Proselytizing
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 1985, Jews for Judaism strengthens Jewish identity through specialized counseling and education programs that respond to religious coercion, peer pressure, missionaries, and other issues confronting our community.


Jews for Judaism's programs for teens and milennials work to empower youth to apply Jewish insights and critical thinking skills to real-world challenges.

The Foundation realizes that the proselytizing trend exists, that it's a problem and that it changes. Every time we have gone to The Foundation for funding, they have worked closely with us to ensure that our projects were realistic and could succeed. And every time, we accomplished exactly what we said we were going to do -- and 17 years later, we're still here, thanks to the continued support of The Foundation and their confidence in us.

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz
Executive Director, Jews for Judaism