Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
Program Name: 
Holiday and Weekend Retreats
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1955 in the underground of the former Soviet Union (FSU), Chamah helps Jews economically through job placement, holiday food distribution and spreading Jewish identity.  Today, Chamah runs humanitarian and educational programs in Russia, the United States and Israel.  Since 1971, Chamah’s work in Israel has included assisting immigrants to find jobs, placing immigrant children in suitable educational institutions, establishing Judaic libraries with literature in Russian, and publishing Judaic materials in Russian.  In 1989, Chamah established a day care center that serves over 100 children.  The center has been visited by many government representatives and serves as a model for other centers across the country.

Grant Purpose: 

Holiday and Weekend Retreats convenes Shabbat and holiday retreats for immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, with the goal of enhancing participants’ Jewish identity and awareness.