Motel Conversion Project

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Motel Conversion Project
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General Community
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Established in 2004 and operating in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County, Brilliant Corners provides supportive housing that meets the unique needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Its primary activities include housing development, supportive services, property management, and case management. Through its multiple public and private partnerships and innovative housing strategies that supplement and leverage critical, but limited affordable housing resources, Brilliant Corners has housed over 6,000 individuals over the past five years.


The Motel Conversion Project will renovate and convert a motel into 18 units of supportive housing at a fraction of the time and cost of building new housing. The project aims to serve as a scalable model that affordable housing developers can utilize throughout Los Angeles County, creating housing for hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness.

“With this capital investment from the Jewish Community Foundation, Brilliant Corners and its partners—including the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Office of Diversion and Reentry—are excited to pilot the Motel Conversion Project to create new supportive housing in Los Angeles. As L.A. faces an extreme housing shortage, this Motel Conversion Project will bring new supportive housing into service faster and cheaper than typical new construction projects. The Foundation’s investment not only enables Brilliant Corners to convert a motel into 18 supportive housing units, the L.A. Motel model, but this could also provide proof of concept for a critically needed new pathway with the potential to end homelessness for hundreds of Angelenos.”

William F. Pickel, CEO of Brilliant Corners