Workshops on Jewish Identity and Entrepreneurship

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Workshops on Jewish Identity and Entrepreneurship
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Founded in 2002, Ayalim Association works to promote the values of Zionism, Jewish identity, and young entrepreneurship in the Negev and Galilee regions. It runs 11 student and entrepreneur villages in these regions that house 600 students and provides incentives such as scholarships and subsidized housing to encourage students to settle in these areas. In return for discounted housing, students volunteer 500 hours per year, working with underprivileged 20,000 children, providing academic support/activities, renovating schools, and building gardens.


Teach business entrepreneurship and Beit Midrash workshops to help Jewish students embrace their Jewish identity, launch a business venture and gain employment in the Negev region.

In a powerful way, Ayalim is mobilizing young Israelis Zionists to develop and strengthen the Negev and the State of Israel. This important grant from The Foundation will help these modern day pioneers do their work more effectively and with even more deep-rooted Jewish values.

Jay Sanderson
president and CEO,  The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles