Artists & Musicians for Israel-Neshima

Artists & Musicians for Israel-Neshima
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Neshima Teacher Training
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Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
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Neshima Teacher Training  trains 1,200 teachers at 100 schools to integrate the Neshima music and art curriculum into their classrooms, engaging 37,000 Israeli teens in exploring Jewish concepts and Jewish identity.


Founded in 2006, Artists & Musicians for Israel-Neshima (AMI) works to strengthen the pluralistic Jewish identity and connection to Jewish traditions of Israeli teens using an experiential model that focuses on music and art.  To achieve its mission, AMI holds in-class school workshops, teacher trainings, pre-army leadership mechinot programs and programs for at-risk youth and overseas students.  Since its inception, AMI’s programs have impacted close to 10,000 Israeli youth.

Grant Quote: 

"AMI-Neshima will use the grant to build scale for our teacher training program, reaching new locations around Israel's center and periphery, and engaging with thousands of educators and youth.” -Yishai Ashkenazi, executive director of AMI-Neshima for Israel-Neshima