Yemin Orde



Founded in 1953, Yemin Orde works to help youth refocus their energies from daily struggle and survival to achieving success now and in the future. It envisions program graduates as self-reliant, socially responsible adults and educated participants in the workforce. Yemin Orde is home to 440 children ages 13-19 who are primarily immigrants from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, France and Brazil. It offers a wide array of programs including therapeutic, formal learning, Jewish learning, extracurricular activities and programs for graduates. In 2006, it launched the Village Way Educational Initiatives, a successful educational methodology that is now being used by 26 other educational communities working with thousands of at-risk youth nationwide.



grant programs

Therapeutic Treatment Center at Yemin Orde Youth Village


The Therapeutic Treatment Center at Yemin Orde Youth Village program provides therapeutic care to at-risk teens who reside at Yemin Orde.

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