Todah L'Tzahal (Thank Israel Soldiers)



Founded in 2005, Todah L’Tzahal works to strengthen the Jewish identity of Israeli soldiers and deepen their connection and commitment to the land of Israel and the Jewish people. Working in cooperation with the education department of the IDF, Todah L’Tzahal operates 3 core programs: Begin at the Base, which provides Jewish identity lectures on army bases; the Jerusalem Experience, which brings soldiers to Jerusalem for lectures, tours and seminars; and the Jerusalem Weekend Experience, which brings officers and officer cadets to Jerusalem to celebrate Shabbat and engage in Jewish learning. Since its inception, Todah L’Tzahal has provided close to 900,000 Jewish identity experiences to 370,000 soldiers.

grant programs

Heritage Lectures, Jerusalem Experience, Jerusalem Shabbat Experience


The Heritage Lectures, Jerusalem Experience, Jerusalem Shabbat Experience  provide Jewish identity programming to 250,000 soldiers through army base lectures and Jerusalem experiences.

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