Temple Ramat Zion



Established in 1959, Temple Ramat Zion is a Conservative congregation located in Northridge. It strives to be a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community, that serves both the spiritual needs of its members and the charitable needs of the community outside its walls. It operates an early childhood center and a religious school.

grant programs

Sayva: A New Approach to Positive Aging


To launch Sayva: A New Approach to Positive Aging across three synagogues (VBS, Temple Ramat Zion and Temple Judea) that will engage hundreds of Jewish older adults in a holistic curriculum of opportunities for personal growth, creative expression, generativity, and community. The program aims to create a new culture of Later Adulthood, characterized by its own special opportunities, experiences, and values that provide opportunities for older adults to feel connected, appreciated, and useful in their community.

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Kehillah Kedoshah


To support professional development, leadership development, and staff wellness strategies responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on synagogue clergy, staff, and lay leadership.

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