Safe Parking LA



Established in 2016, with formal program operations launched in 2018, SPLA supports people who are living in their vehicles on their journey out of homelessness by providing them with a safe place to park at night, and connecting them with supportive services. Nine months into its first year of operation, SPLA is operating five “Safe Parking Lots” in LA County, open from 7 PM – 7 AM, including one at IKAR. These lots serve 60 vehicles and 75 people each night. The population served includes people who are underemployed or recently unemployed, 80% of whom are actively seeking employment or are working part-time, and 98% of whom are seeking permanent housing.

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Jewish Community Safe Lots


To engage synagogues and their members in providing safe parking options and supportive services for individuals living in their vehicles, deepening the importance of social justice work within the Jewish community while combating homelessness in Los Angeles.

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