Roim Rachok (Beyond the Horizon)



Established in 2012 in cooperation with Ono Academic College, Roim Rachok (“Beyond the Horizon”) is an innovative program designed to give a second chance to young adults (ages 18-25) who are exempt from serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) because they are on the autism spectrum. Roim Rachok trains these young adults in intelligence and technology professions that are suited to their particular strengths; facilitates their integration into the relevant units of the IDF as volunteers; and assists in their integration in the job market upon completion of their volunteer service.

grant programs



To support training programs, coursework, and mentorship so that youth with ASD can serve in the IDF and later integrate in the high-tech industry. Through these services, Roim Rachok (Beyond the Horizon) will help youth with autism realize their full potential, supporting them to access jobs and reducing their dependency on government assistance.

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