Holocaust Museum Los Angeles



Founded in 1961, Holocaust Museum Los Angeles (HMLA) is the first survivor-founded and oldest Holocaust museum in the United States. Its mission is to commemorate those who perished, honor those who survived, educate future generations, and inspire a more dignified humane world. HMLA holds the West Coast’s largest archive of Holocaust-era primary sources, spanning the 1700s through the 1960s. This collection is used in exhibits, guided tours, creative education programs, and public offerings to instruct on the important lessons of Holocaust history and to foster analytical thinking.

grant programs

Augmented Reality App


To develop an Augmented Reality App that features gallery-like areas with 360-degree views of museum objects, interactive features for further exploration, and a virtual docent to narrate the visit. By bringing the museum’s archive to life and connecting Holocaust history to current equity and racial justice issues, the app aims to make Holocaust education accessible to more students and inspire viewers to take a stand against hate.

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The LAMOTH Art & Memory Programs


The LAMOTH Art & Memory Programs are designed to engage middle, high school, and college students in Holocaust history through artistic reflection and historical exploration. Through intergenerational dialogue, students learn about the past and shape the future landscape of Holocaust education and remembrance, nurturing leadership in our community. 

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New Museum Building in Pan Pacific Park


The New Museum Building in Pac Pacific Park will be the museum's first permanent home in Pan Pacific Park.

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