Leavey Health Center Planning Group



The Leavey Health Center Planning Group was established in 2004 to address, in partnership with the County, the health and mental health needs of chronically homeless adults in the Skid Row area. Skid Row is the largest community in the U.S. that consists entirely of indigent, transient, and low-income residents; 25 percent suffer from permanent disabilities. The Leavey Center utilizes an integrated service delivery model providing access to comprehensive, multidisciplinary healthcare services. Center members include JWCH (John Wesley County Hospital) Institute, Community Clinic Association of Southern CA, USC School of Dentistry, USC School of Pharmacy, LAC & USC Medical Center, Kaiser-Permanente, the L.A. County Office of the CEO, and the L.A. County Department of Public Health, Department of Mental Health, and Department of Health Services.



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Leavey Center Expansion Project


To create primary health care case management services for homeless clients from the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, connecting clients to health, mental health, housing, substance use and basic services in the community.

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