Koret Israel Economic Development Funds



Founded in 1994, Koret Israel Economic Development Funds (KIEDF) is a leading Israeli NGO in the field of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) credit and microfinance services. KIEDF aspires to create employment opportunities and social equality in the Israeli private sector, focusing on economically and socially marginalized populations. In 2006, KIEDF developed the first non-bank micro-lending program in Israel, as a key component of its microfinance services.


grant programs



To mitigate the economic hardships faced by The Foundation’s grantees in Israel, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help them achieve long-term organizational sustainability.

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Microfinance for Low Income Jewish Women


Microfinance for Low Income Jewish Women supports approximately 135 low-income Charedi women and immigrants from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union in developing microenterprises, including pre-loan and post-loan business development training.

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