Founded in 2002, ITIM works to build a Jewish and democratic Israel where all Jews can lead full Jewish lives. ITIM is committed to helping people participate in Jewish life in Israel and improving government policies to make Jewish life passages more inclusive, including marriage, divorce, conversion, and burial. ITIM tackles the complex issues of religion and state from both an individual and systemic perspective. The ITIM Assistance Center, on a pro bono basis, assists thousands of individuals each year to successfully navigate Israel’s religious bureaucracy. The ITIM Giyur K’Halacha Conversion Court Network offers Israeli citizens an inclusive, supportive Orthodox conversion process. On the systemic level, ITIM’s Public Policy and Legal Centers promote statutory, regulatory, and judicial change that ensures the rights of all to live as Jews in the most pluralistic yet halachic way possible.



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To support ITIM's work to ensure that there is equal access for all Israeli Jews to participate in state-administered life cycle events; promote policies that strengthen Jewish life; work with Israel's religious establishment to facilitate participation in Jewish life; and build bridges between the secular and religious divide in Israel. ITIM’s support centers and services strengthen Israelis’ connections to Judaism at both the individual and systems level.

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