Eran – Emotional First Aid



Eran was established in 1975 to provide lifesaving emotional first aid services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity.  There are separate hotlines for soldiers, teenagers, and Holocaust survivors, with services available in multiple languages.  In a typical year, volunteers provide assistance to more than 300,000 callers. Their fiscal sponsor is US Friends of Eran.



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2023 Israel Grant


Since the war began, the number of inquiries to Eran’s hotlines has grown from an average of 800 calls per day to 3,000 distress calls per day. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the National Insurance, Eran’s 1,700 volunteers have been working day and night to make sure no call goes unanswered and to reach out to the elderly population, which is less likely to call. In order to meet the growing need, Eran is recruiting and training new volunteers in Israel as well as new cohorts in New York and Australia, which expands the availability of volunteers around the clock.

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