Early Intervention Training Institute



Founded in 1924, Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (The Clinic) provides mental health services to the South and Central Los Angeles communities, ensuring easy access and promoting early intervention. The clinic works to empower children and young adults to reach their goals in school and build healthy relationships. It works with parents to educate them about the benefits of mental health services in addressing emotional and behavioral problems of their child and the importance of parental involvement in the treatment process. The Clinic serves 3,500 clients annually in English and Spanish at 3 community-based sites and 20 public schools, in addition to homes, domestic violence shelters and primary care clinics.



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Early Intervention Training Institute


The Early Intervention Training Institute trains mental health professionals including Early Head Start teachers to identify and intervene with children who are at risk for emotional, behavioral and social delays, with a particular focus on understanding brain development and relationship building.

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