Brothers and Sisters for Israel



Founded in early 2023, Brothers and Sisters for Israel (formerly Brothers and Sisters in Arms) is the largest civilian aid organization operating in Israel, entirely powered by volunteers. Its leading efforts include combat gear for soldiers, humanitarian support, meals, clothing, and evacuation for those in war zones, accommodation for the displaced, and nationwide logistics centers. Their fiscal sponsor is America Israel Democracy Coalition.

grant programs

2023 Israel Grant


Since the events of October 7, Brothers and Sisters for Israel has redirected its activities to an unprecedented logistical operation, run entirely by over 15,000 volunteers. It is focused on four critical areas, both humanitarian and logistical:

  • Logistical shortages: Procuring medical supplies, clothing, food, and water for both soldiers and civilians.
  • Hostages and missing citizens: Collecting information and utilizing technology to identify hostages and missing persons, in conjunction with the Shabak and the IDF.
  • Mental health support for children and families: Identifying and connecting those who have experienced trauma with necessary psychological support.
  • Internally displaced families: Helping those who have evacuated their homes to find host families and/or alternative housing, with 12,500 offers

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