Atid Bamidbar



Founded in 1990, Atid Bamidbar works to promote a more inclusive Israeli society by connecting Jews of all backgrounds (primarily Russian but also Mizrachi, Ethiopian, and other marginalized populations) in the Negev and beyond with each other and with their Jewish heritage. Its programs focus on building community and pluralistic Jewish identity; celebrating diverse cultures through community events; educating tourists of all ages on the culture of the Negev; and providing opportunities for leadership development.



grant programs



To mitigate the economic hardships faced by The Foundation’s grantees in Israel, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help them achieve long-term organizational sustainability.

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Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev


Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev provides 1,100 Russian-speaking Israelis with knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture; strengthened Jewish identity; comfort and connection with native Israelis; and the tools to incorporate Jewish learning and customs into their daily lives.

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