Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel



The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (ARCCI) was founded in 1990 as an umbrella organization for the nine regional Rape Crisis Centers (RCCs), all with a shared goal to support survivors and combat sexual violence. ARCCI and its nine centers cumulatively serve over 50,000 survivors annually. Their fiscal sponsor is PEF Endowment Funds.



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The events of October 7 also included accounts of sex crimes perpetrated by the terrorists. Sexual abuse during wartime is a highly sensitive topic requiring accurate and carefully adapted interventions. ARCCI’s work is supporting direct victims, victims of previous sexual violence who are triggered and emotionally flooded by current events, and professional care providers throughout the country who require knowledge and training in sexual trauma-informed intervention.  Current activities focus on:

  • Media campaigns to bring those affected to the centers
  • Training professionals in the field on sexual trauma
  • Support groups for survivors and those exposed to the horrors of the attacks (including soldiers, paramedics, and search-and-rescue volunteers)
Helping in setting safe environments at the hotels and lodging complexes housing massacre survivors

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