Important Details About Making Year-End Donations

David Carroll, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration/CFO


Thank you for your continual support of the Jewish Community Foundation.

Deadlines to Donate to Your Fund

The Foundation's last working day in 2017 is Friday, December 29. We will close at 5:00 pm that day and reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

  1. Check, Credit Card and ACH Donations: Checks must be postmarked and online transactions made on or before December 31, 2017 to qualify as a 2017 donation. You can donate via Donor Services Online with an online check (ACH - no fee) or credit card (fee involved).
  2. Stock Donations: Given the historic stock market highs, please consider gifting long-term appreciated securities directly to your fund at The Foundation, which can significantly increase the resources available to support your favorite causes while providing you with a larger tax benefit. Please initiate stock donations no later than Thursday, December 21 to ensure a smooth donation process. Contact Cynthia Jones, Investment Accountant, at (323) 761-8728 or by email, and indicate your broker and the shares you are transferring. (For donations initiated on December 29, you must deliver instructions to your broker by the morning of December 29, and you must provide us with a date-stamped document from the brokerage firm as proof of delivery to qualify as a 2017 donation.)
  3. Complex Asset Gifts: We welcome gifts of complex assets like shares of a business, real estate, life insurance and private securities. Please initiate any complex gifts promptly by contacting any member of The Foundation’s Development Team: Dan Rothblatt, Steve Gamer, or Baruch Littman.

Note that distributions from IRAs can be made to endowment funds, but not to donor advised funds.

Contact information for various types of gifts can be found here.

Grantmaking from Your Fund

No need to wait! We encourage you to submit your year-end grants promptly. By doing so, you will benefit your favorite nonprofits by helping them assess their fundraising achievements before year-end. Thank you for your generosity. You can submit grant recommendations through your Donor Services Online account.

We wish you a happy and meaningful conclusion to 2017!

David Carroll is Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration/CFO. David has a diverse background in finance and operating roles across the nonprofit sector.