Our commitment to the community remains steadfast during these uncertain times. Visit our COVID-19 Response Hub and learn about recommended giving opportunitiesWe continue to process grant recommendations. Along with our family of donors, we have been a pillar of stability in times of crisis and adversity – a commitment that remains unwavering. The Foundation was established over 65 years ago to respond to communal needs that could not be anticipated, and that remains even more true today. We will support our donors, nonprofit partners, and the community at large in weathering this crisis…together.

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I Want to Explore
From Donor Advised Funds to Family Support Organizations to Endowment Funds, The Foundation offers a multitude of ways to streamline your giving.
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I Want to Explore
Through grantmaking, The Foundation and its donors support new and established charitable programs locally, nationally, and in Israel, positively influencing countless lives.
I Want to Explore
The Center for Designed Philanthropy provides resources, expertise, and connections to donors so they can design thoughtful, personalized and effective giving strategies.
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Open a Donor Advised Fund and Empower Your Giving
Ensure Your Legacy With An Endowment
Top 10 Reasons To Work With The Foundation
How to Give

Open a flexible, user-friendly fund with a minimum balance of $5,000.

Create a fund to support charities in perpetuity.

Make a gift in your will or trust.

Learn more about other ways to give, such as Family Support Organizations and Charitable Trusts.

Stories of Giving

The Foundation has helped our family expand its philanthropic scope and is bringing a new level of professionalism to our charitable giving process.

Mindy & Gene Stein
The Tikun Olam Foundation
Alan S. Watenmaker
Attorney & Managing Member